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Eagle Rock gets its own Brewery!
January 2, 2010, 6:52 pm
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Just opened in, well, Eagle Rock, ERB‘s a microbrewery devoted to helping people learn about the nuances of beer, started by a dude who used to work as a movie music editor and his father, both of whom moved to LA from Upstate NY, which is somewhere past even, like, Harlem or something. Their first batch is composed of three different brews, each made specifically to highlight one of the touchstone ingredients of beer-making: the hop-py Revolution IPA’s a punchy, citrusy golden brew; the malt-heavy Solidarity is a jet-black but light-flavored coffee/caramel tinged creation, and the yeasty, straw-colored Belgian-style Manifesto is made with a touch of rose petal and only 1/2 the amount of coriander and citrus for a beer of that genre

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Here Piggy Piggy
June 20, 2009, 10:51 pm
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Maximum 3====D
Food 3==D
Beer 3===D
Service 3===D
Atmosphere 3==D
Eye Candy at place called Oinkster?

Oinkster has recently been featured on a certain Food Network show and is now all the rage in the center of the Universe, the Eagle Rock-Glendale-Burbank area.

The Oinkster, a fast-casual concept from acclaimed fine-dining chef Andre Guerrero, invites diners to kick back and enjoy high-quality American classics in a relaxed, modern and fun environment.

via O I N K S T E R : a slow fast food restaurant.

Serving up burgers, house-cured pastrami sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, fries, and salads, the Oinkster is truly all-American cuisine…except the Belgian fries of course. While people rave about the pastrami, I think the stars of the show are really the fries and house made condiments. The Belgian fries are fresh and crisp, the chipotle ketchup is a nice way to get some smoke on your burger, and the Oinkster mustard MAKES the pastrami sandwich.

They also maintain a more than palatable tap selection usually featuring Stone‘s Arrogant Bastard, Pale Ale, Smoked Porter, and a rotating tap featuring various craft brews. It’s also nice to see pitchers available as fewer and fewer places in LA are doing that. If none of that suits your fancy there are plenty of bottles to choose from too. Milkshakes are a must for a place like this and they’re good. If you’re a fan of Auntie Em’s, which is also in the area, then you’ll be glad to know that they cater desserts to Oinkster.

The service is pretty good, the runners are friendly and helpful, but one order is inevitably forgotten about when with large groups. That said, they are always quick to fix the problem. While there are indoor and outdoor seating areas, tables are limited and it is a royal pain in the a$$ to seat a large group there if it’s at all busy.

The Oinkster is a respectable establishment making almost everything in house and supporting local business as much as possible. The food isn’t mind-blowing nor is the atmosphere, but it’s a diner and it is certainly worthy of Gay Fieri’s lil’ show. It’s good ol’ fashioned American made with quality ingredients. Besides, the fries and beers are enough to get me (and many others) back through the door any day.

  • Sometimes orders get forgotten in large groups
  • Service is friendly and generally quick
  • Difficult for large groups
  • They use Carolina BBQ sauce so don’t expect the goopy stuff
  • I hear a dirty rumor that they will be featuring Eagle Rock Brewery one day