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Eagle Rock gets its own Brewery!
January 2, 2010, 6:52 pm
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Just opened in, well, Eagle Rock, ERB‘s a microbrewery devoted to helping people learn about the nuances of beer, started by a dude who used to work as a movie music editor and his father, both of whom moved to LA from Upstate NY, which is somewhere past even, like, Harlem or something. Their first batch is composed of three different brews, each made specifically to highlight one of the touchstone ingredients of beer-making: the hop-py Revolution IPA’s a punchy, citrusy golden brew; the malt-heavy Solidarity is a jet-black but light-flavored coffee/caramel tinged creation, and the yeasty, straw-colored Belgian-style Manifesto is made with a touch of rose petal and only 1/2 the amount of coriander and citrus for a beer of that genre

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Bottle Rock the Party

Maximum 3====D
Food 3===D
Beer 3====D
Service 3====D
Atmosphere 3===D
Eye Candy 3=D

The once Culver City confined Bottle Rock now has a new location in downtown LA just for the Eastsiders. Just blocks away from LA Live, Bottle Rock LA serves up the traditional wine bar cheese and charcuterie plates with the addition of a full menu of seafood, meats, pastas, and desserts.

The cheese and charcuterie plates were very well paired with varying spreads, pastes, and fruit. The food has a delicate touch with Asian and Italian influences. Specifically, the Pig Ear Terrine and Pork Belly Risotto tipped me off that there must be a Taiwanese chef in the kitchen. This was a very pleasant surprise as both my parents are from Taiwan and it is far from mainstream fare in the U.S.

This similarly chic downtown location boasts more space and an even larger wine selection than their predecessor with nearly 1,000 bottles to choose from. Alex Macy, who recently coordinated the LACABAL event in May, has done a killer job as the beer buyer stocking some great craft bottles like Duchesse de Bourgogne and Allagash’s Hugh Malone while the taps list features gems like Old Rasputin (on nitro) and Allagash Curieux

A very enjoyable experience overall, Bottle Rock LA is definitely a go-to. Atmosphere is a bit cold with lots of concrete and metal in the room, but that can be easily overcome with some great beer and good company. The beer and wine selection is certainly among the best in LA but the food is nice and not to be overlooked.

  • Good place to start a night of debauchery downtown
  • Accomodating for large groups but may be difficult when busy
  • Good place to bring a date to impress with knowledge of food/beer/wine
  • Great stuff but gets pricey quick so beware when eating and drinking
  • Beer selection is phenomenal

Pizza Face

Maximum 3====D
Food 3===D
Beer 3==D
Service 3==D
Atmosphere 3===D
Eye Candy 3===D

I heard about Gjelina through a Food & Wine article about the “New Pizza Artisans.” It was one of two local LA pizza joints that got mentions, the other of course being Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali’s Pizzeria Mozza. I love me some Pizzeria Mozza and it’s definitely one of my favorite LA establishments so I thought I’d give Gjelina a try.

Upon walking in I was impressed with the scenery, although it was unmarked and f*cking hard to identify at night. Tall unfinished wood doors welcomed me to a very clean Alpine cabin-esque environment filled with a lot of wood and tall windows…not to mention very good looking female clientele. Some old school lighting gave it a nice effect and kept the lighting very mellow. I sat outside where there is a fire pit amidst about 10 small tables in addition to the 20 or so tables indoors. Note to the owners: small round tables with large round pizzas make for a very inefficient use of surface area, stick to tops with 4 corners.

Tap selection was extremely limited but good enough boasting Green Flash IPA and Allagash White. Unfortunately I arrived late and was subject to the “Late Night” menu that consisted of only oysters (Kumamoto and Malapeques) salads and pizzas. Nonetheless the pizzas provided an entertaining selection with some not-so-mainstream pies. I opted for the Lamb Sausage, Broccoli Rabe, Tomato Confi t & Asiago. The pizza was great, thin crispy crust, good balance of toppings, and the broccoli rabe really worked well with the lamb sausage. A couple of beers and a pizza amounted to a whopping 30 bucks, not bad at all for West LA.

Service was mediocre and the server was rather icy not once cracking a smile. I would still say that I enjoy the dining at Mozza a bit more, but overall the impression was good and I will definitely return for a run at the full menu.

  • There are no modifications so don’t bother asking
  • Music is trying a bit hard
  • Service seems hit and miss
  • Good place to bring a date, just don’t get caught with wandering eyes
  • Pies are about 12″ rounds – good for 2 people
  • Get a square table if possible, small round tops are wack large ones OK